50 Shades Of Grey Not Showing in The UAE… Colour me surprised


We all pretended to put on our surprised face when it was announced that “the movie of the year to take your mother to” 50 Shades Of Plain was banned in the UAE. I mean come on, they banned Sex And The City 2 (thank God, because I don’t want 50 something ladies getting it on, on the big screen). But for the first time I agree with the UAE censor ship laws because (and I am not alone here) it really is awkward to sit in a cinema and know that every other women is as turned on as you, I mean think of the dry cleaning bills for the cinema alone.

And let’s be honest this country isn’t exactly the the place you want to be caught masterbating in public… I mean kissing in public is 6 months in jail…. So if you head to the shops and see all the double A batteries have sold out, that can mean only one thing… 50 Shades of lame is out on DVD… And yes I will be one of the many women dry humping a pillow to Christian Grey and his cold but loveable way.

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