What are you?? Like 12??

Never hearing the phrase..Dress your age not your shoe size…

When I found this dress from H&M on sale for 70 Dhms, it was love at first, giving me Molly Ringwald realness from Pretty In Pink. Upon putting it on I realised it was completely see through and you could make out the double cheese burger I had wolfed down for lunch, so I did what any girl would do… Found a pair of tights and turned them into bike shorts #duh. Throwing on Lolita -esqe sunglasses from Aldo (rubbish name, great statement accessories) pairing it with a totes knock off Chanel backpack from www.fashlink.com and topping the look off with Chucks… Because why not…

Clare Geeves Pink 1Clare Geeves Pink4

Clare Geeves Pink2



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