Photoshop In Real Life

Laird+Partners; Shoot Dates: 5/24/12 & 5/30/12

If you are like me, you read glossy fashion magazines and see those skinny, perfect bitches models who are photoshopped within an inch of their life and think “Why Can’t I look half as good as that?” Well until someone invents real time photoshop (until then we will have to make do with Instagram filters) my one go to product which I use when filming or on shoots is… Sally Hansen Air Brush Legs…

It’s like magical foundation for your legs, it covers every unsightly scars, pasty legs, freckles and makes them look almost perfect! It comes in an aerosol can, and you will need your girlfriends help to spray the back of your legs (don’t be that girl that forgets about the back of her legs). Once you spray it on slightly blend with your hands and you are good to go! Now available at Wojooh AED 62 (one can’t put a price on perfection).

*Secret Tip – To stop it from running down your legs due to heat, seal your legs in hair spray before heading out – It’s an old 1950’s Hollywood trick, it locks the product in*

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