SALT Resort

With an illusive hashtag #findSALT I finally ate at Duabi’s worst kept secret, SALT the only place in Dubai that you can get a world class slider from 1950’s vintage food truck while enjoying Kite Beach.


SALTAs the summer draws closer and closer every minute (I still believe that during summer you can indeed cook an egg on your car hood) the creators behind SALT have created SALT Resort, think air con, Ibiza vibes, and indoor area and of course world class burgers and introducing fresh juices and TO DIE shakes and ice-cream.

Salt I'm A SALTER Fire Fries (1)

Fire Fries… You’re welcome stomach! Hook Sliders

I am ashamed to admit I had 3 of these *Forget about beach body ready*

Lotus ShakeSignature Lotus shake… Made with crumbled Lotus cookies and caramel…

This summer don’t hibernate indoors or at the mall – Head to SALT eat your body weight in burgers, fresh juices and shakes, then swim it off!!

SALT is also open until 4am during Ramadan… Early morning cravings anybody??

#findSALT on Kite Beach (next to Surf Shop) and for more info check them out HERE




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