Where Did You Get That Bag?

When I go to events or FAS-UN shows I always get asked, “Where did you get that bag?” Or “Where did you get that hat?” Usually it is the same answer, a little high street shop called Aldo. Every month there is something new that takes my eye, where one would think it was from a more expensive shop *Cough S*uce* when in fact it cost 250 AED. Here are some of my top picks of “Must Have Bags” to instagram / make other well jell of you this summer from Aldo (and they won’t break the bank)

Aldo Guide To ParisBonjour… Even if you aren’t traveling to the city of love this summer, you can still take a little bit of Paris with you (even if it is just to Mall Of The Emirates)


Always a fan favourite and it will get people that have never met you telling you “This bag is amez!” Who wouldn’t want a soda bag?? GORRETO_55_RG80AED

Nothing cuter then a coin purse.. That is unless it is in the shape of an ice-cream with sprinkles on it!!! Perfect to take to a festival (where all you need is change and a phone)GORRETO_65_RG80AED


Mango flavour coin purse anyone?


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