My Kind Of Art…. The Art Of Judging…

If you ever see me at a gallery opening or an art show… It is safe to presume I am there for the free sparkling wine and little else, culture to me is the stuff found in yogurt not in art. So my uncultured black heart lit up when I came across this photo exhibition.

Photographer Dougie Wallace, created Harrodsburg 

About the exhibition Harrodsburg is an up-close wealth safari exploring the wildlife that inhabits the super-rich residential and retail district of Knightsbridge and Chelsea. The project is a powerful, timely and stark exposé of the emergence of an ultra-affluent elite who have turned London into a global reserve currency, telling the story of glut, greed and the widening wealth gap playing out on the streets of a city that is going through a period of unprecedented social change.”

David has a way of capturing the absurd and un-posed moment’s which makes this exhibition honest and slightly risqué.

Here are just a handful of the pictures – For the entire collection head to you can also purchase limited edition prints. If in the UK the exhibition will take place in October – Head to website for more details.

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