The Best Breakfast in Dubai…

When asked what will be served at my (imaginary) wedding the answer is always the same…. Breakfast food and Mexican… So when I stumbled upon my FAVOURITE Mexican place Taqado last week and realised they do a breakfast menu, I dry heaved out of excitement, composed myself and ordered what is now known as The Clare (in my head it is known as this).

Mexican Hash is the Mexican version of Eggs and Hash Browns….

Cubed fried potatoes, with churrizo, spinach, and then topped with eggs of your choice. I then add – Guacolme, salsa and lettuce on the top…. This bad boy sits with me at my desk ALL day while I eat it…. AED 36 for an all day meal *due to the add on’s of course*

Best Breakfast Dubai Taqado

Yes I am a slow eater but it fills me up and puts me in a good mood all day – People annoy me on a daily basis so to have me placated is a good thing…

More info on the food from the goods – Visit Taqado Facebook page




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