Treat Yo Self – Cordon Spa

In your early 20’s the weekend is for binge drinking, dancing till the sun cames up and eating food you know you will regret eating as soon as you finish it. In your late 20’s the weekend becomes a sacred 2 days of blissful nothing… If I shower on the weekend it has to be a good reason… Ikea with the boyfriend does not count!

But sometimes we forget to treat ourselves on the weekend – My treat was the delicious facial courtesy of my new favourite spa Cordon the Epicuren® Signature Facial. It’s a 6 step system which involves a few very intense all natural facial masks that pull the toxins / dirt from your pores.. You can actually feel it work! This facial dramatically improves the skin’s appearance. Dramatically lifts, tightens, and firms facial skin, increasing textural clarity and tone… Oh and you get a kick ass massage as well!

The worst thing about this facial was it only lasted 60 mins -I could of spent another 2 hours in there being pampered, I felt like I was in a high end Bali spa (thanks to the all natural thatched roof of the treatment room) not in DIFC.

Treat Yo Self with this facial!

Me during the facial – Yes I was slightly drooling and so relaxed I couldn’t close my mouth!


After – With a glow and skip in my step!



Head to Spa Cordon Website OR make an appointment by calling 04 421 3424 – They are located Sky Gardens Building DIFC – Trust me one of my new favourite spas!

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