Detox Delight…. The How Not To Detox Guide…

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Detox Delight is the vogue of detoxing / cleansing…. The only bottle to be put on the gram or on snapchat to make people who follow you totally jealous that you are a better person then they will ever be… Heck I might as well be a vegan… That’s how much better I am then everyone…

Well that’s how I felt while waiting for my first ever shipment of the new Detox Delight Activated Charcoal cleanse. By the second day I hated everyone, made my intern cry ,yelled at a client, almost got fired then tried to break up with my boyfriend… Turns out I have no self control and I am as bad at cleansing as I am at telling the truth *fun fact I like to embellish stories to make them more interesting my motto “Never let the truth get in a way of a good story“*

It was delish but come lunch time I was eating cheetos like Britney Spears circa 2007… I have no will power so if you want to get skinny (or healthy it’s all same same but different in my world) then try this detox you will be jumping for joy when you weigh yourself 3 days later all while thinking how much better a person you are than me… Maybe next I try the cabbage diet… I’m sure I will last 3 hours… God I hate myself… But we can’t all be Gwyneth Paltrow (God I hate / love her).

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