Shedd App – New App to Buy and Sell Clothes

Shedd App

Living in the UAE means no eBay (unless you are willing to pay more in shipping then the actual item cost) so getting last seasons clothes at a bargain or a vintage hand bag is practically impossible without spending an arm and leg.

That is until the SHEDD APP was created, here you can buy OR sell your items. Yes there is a lot of “Shitty Chic” items but there is also some great one off pieces thanks to their collaboration with ShoesTova. I even scored myself a Zac Posen Top from the app.

The only downside of the app – You have to go and pick up the items from the sellers place or meet up with them.

a) I don’t want to get sold into slavery via a kidnapping attempt on my life (yes I am aware I am not famous but hey it could happen.. Ok!)

b) Who has time to pick up items.

When SHEDD figures out how to get the items delivered to your door step then this one stop shop for second hand items will be perfection for those who like me would rather spend their hard earned dollars on Vodka, Cats and Cigarets rather then clothes….

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