That Time I Met Craig David

clare geeves and craig david

So I have been absent from blogging shoot me… I work in PR in Dubai so November and December are 16 hours a day, with a public melt down at least once a week. With al the insane work load and clients I couldn’t ask for a job that I love more or am better suited to!

When asked if I could help out with PR for Amber Lounge (you know the official pop up after party for F1) which would also include helping with CRAIG DAVID I put my hand up straight away!

In my fantasy he would see me and think I was his muse and write songs about me, where we would party with the likes of Taylor Swift and the rest of the IT crowd.

In reality he was the nicest chap, most down to earth man I have ever met. Though on our one to one he didn’t request my hand in marriage, he did compliment on my second hand Zac Posen top and then we discussed high street shopping.

I then asked his for a cheeky picture where I objectified his muscles by grabbing them… He was a champ and didn’t tell me to F*** Off which was nice…

Just another day in the life of a PR Creep I guess…. Expect more posts on what I hate and why… Till next time A**holes!!!!

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