He was a skater boi…

When I was 16 I used to pretend I could skateboard to impress all the hot punky losers that hung around the skate park while they smoked their funny looking cigs – (Yes I was that naive). So I speak fluent skater brands like Globe, Vans, Etnies as you had to at least, sound legit to secure a “pash”… So imagine my 20 something-year-old surprise when I found a legit Vans hat on everyone’s favorite online store Namshi AED 125… You may even pick up your own skater boi with this baby… Or lie about it while feeling legit!!!

Clare Geeves


4 thoughts on “He was a skater boi…

  1. There’s that movie: Lady in the Van
    She’s an amazing, eccentric, offensive, lewd, lovable, crazy…

    No relation/connection I’m sure?

      1. Hi Clare
        The Lady in question is a mad old woman with questionable hygiene habits who lives in a van parked on Alan Bennett’s drive for 15 years. So I now fear my “are you related..?” question could be seen as an insulting allusion to your home/clothes/drinking habits

        So please, it’s a great film; but the only connection between you and her is (I think) the word VAN….honest.


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