You Had Me At Free Burrito’s Taqado… You Had Me At Free Burritos


Burritos to me are like air and water – I as a human can not survive without these things. When I order burritos – YES I know the guac is extra and no I don’t care that I’m always late on rent due to my Burrito addiction…

So when the ONLY place in Dubai to get a DECENT burrito – Taqado announced Taqado Takeover giving away 11,000 free burritos to celebrate their 11th store opening, I prepared myself for battle….

Each Taqado outlet will gave away 1’000 free Burritos between 11am and 3pm, on a set date per outlet, starting on May 1st and concluding on May 11th.


May 1st – Taqado Mall of the Emirates

May 2nd – Taqado DIFC

May 3rd – Taqado The Galleria, Abu Dhabi

May 4th – Taqado Emaar Square

May 5th – Taqado Bay Avenue

May 6th – Taqado Kite Beach

May 7th – Taqado City Tower

May 8th – Taqado Tecom

May 9th – Taqado Dubai Mall

May 10th – Taqado Downtown Jebel Ali

May 11th – Taqado Dubai International Airport T1

For more info on the event to –

If you don’t hear from me during this time – It’s because I am in a burrito coma




2 thoughts on “You Had Me At Free Burrito’s Taqado… You Had Me At Free Burritos

  1. I cringe in anticipation of the contemptuous rebuke I will receive for the shallow amateurism of my enquiry…but as a burrito aficionado, how would you rate the El Chico Three Amigos Burrito combo? I found it a few years ago, loved it and have stayed loyal ever since. But lately I fear I might be missing out and should experiment..

    1. Taqado is how burritos should be – Trust me they shit all over El Chico truest me on this… Burritos are my life!!

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