Nothing Tastes As Good As Skinny Feels… Well Almost Nothing….


Being a 20 something white girl from the suburbs, the only problems I’ve had to deal with in life is which parent I hate that day and my angsty feelings against whatever was cool to hate that week… And of course, how fat I was…

After moving to Dubai and gaining the Dubai Stone (this of course, has something to do with the 3am Burger King delivery and the mass amounts of vodka I consume) I finally(after 9 years) decided to try and do something about it.. Apart from complaining and then eating a burrito…

After trying a slew of detox’s, juice diets, starvation, cigarettes – Note I have not tried exercise and won’t. I came across something that actually works….

Nutridiet – It’s a combination of shakes and soups (I prefer the shakes) you have 5 shakes a day, you feel totally full and after the third day you will start to feel lighter and hotter!

It’s a meal replacement diet – But damn girl it works, this combined with heartbreak (I was ghosted and it turns out it’s the perfect thing to remove your appetite) I dropped 2 dress sizes in almost 2 weeks.

Technically What is Nutridiet

Nutridiet is a soy protein-based weight loss diet, it contains the nutrients your need but has a low amount of calories – only about 110 calories in one serving.  When replacing all or some of your meals with Nutridiet, you can lose weight safely and easily. The composition of Nutridiet reduces your hunger cravings and ensures that muscle mass is retained during your weight loss.

Thanks to my dramatic weight loss and subsequently my dabble in the “hot” category – 4 of my friends are already on the program as well as my whole office…

Every day I start my morning with a chocolate Nutridiet shake and a shot of espresso – It’s like a mocha latte but so much better!

You can find it online here – next day delivery and you can also pay cash on delivery….

Trust me – If I can do this and lose weight anyone can! This is coming from the person who tried to quit smoking and at 3am woke up going through the bin trying to find a cigarette butt… And side note.. That wasn’t even my lowest point!

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