Halloween Fun… The Lazy Girls Guide

It’s almost Halloween the one year a girl can wear next to nothing and it is social acceptable if she is wearing mouse ears (insert mean girl quote).

Seeing as I am the laziest person in the world Namshi.com is kinda the perfect place to pick up a tee and say “I’m Done” when it comes to Halloween… Case and Point…

Call It Spring and Namshi

Throw on a felt oversized hat and my favourite shoes from Call It Spring and the outfit is complete… And guess what you still have your dignity!!!!

Forget High Heels


After back to back meetings and fashion forward… I was ready to throw my heels in the bin and scream from a mountain that I was banishing high heels (the devil created them I am sure of it) for good.

Thank God for my Bensimon White Slip Ons (available at Level Shoe District) these babies, look good, make me look tanned and most of all… Don’t make me want to kill myself every time I take a step!!!

Wear them with tight black jeans or as I do with an oversized shirt and jacket – Casual work wear at its best! Your feet will thank me later…

Detox Delight…. The How Not To Detox Guide…

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 11.56.31 PM

Detox Delight is the vogue of detoxing / cleansing…. The only bottle to be put on the gram or on snapchat to make people who follow you totally jealous that you are a better person then they will ever be… Heck I might as well be a vegan… That’s how much better I am then everyone…

Well that’s how I felt while waiting for my first ever shipment of the new Detox Delight Activated Charcoal cleanse. By the second day I hated everyone, made my intern cry ,yelled at a client, almost got fired then tried to break up with my boyfriend… Turns out I have no self control and I am as bad at cleansing as I am at telling the truth *fun fact I like to embellish stories to make them more interesting my motto “Never let the truth get in a way of a good story“*

It was delish but come lunch time I was eating cheetos like Britney Spears circa 2007… I have no will power so if you want to get skinny (or healthy it’s all same same but different in my world) then try this detox you will be jumping for joy when you weigh yourself 3 days later all while thinking how much better a person you are than me… Maybe next I try the cabbage diet… I’m sure I will last 3 hours… God I hate myself… But we can’t all be Gwyneth Paltrow (God I hate / love her).

Treat Yo Self – Cordon Spa

In your early 20’s the weekend is for binge drinking, dancing till the sun cames up and eating food you know you will regret eating as soon as you finish it. In your late 20’s the weekend becomes a sacred 2 days of blissful nothing… If I shower on the weekend it has to be a good reason… Ikea with the boyfriend does not count!

But sometimes we forget to treat ourselves on the weekend – My treat was the delicious facial courtesy of my new favourite spa Cordon the Epicuren® Signature Facial. It’s a 6 step system which involves a few very intense all natural facial masks that pull the toxins / dirt from your pores.. You can actually feel it work! This facial dramatically improves the skin’s appearance. Dramatically lifts, tightens, and firms facial skin, increasing textural clarity and tone… Oh and you get a kick ass massage as well!

The worst thing about this facial was it only lasted 60 mins -I could of spent another 2 hours in there being pampered, I felt like I was in a high end Bali spa (thanks to the all natural thatched roof of the treatment room) not in DIFC.

Treat Yo Self with this facial!

Me during the facial – Yes I was slightly drooling and so relaxed I couldn’t close my mouth!


After – With a glow and skip in my step!



Head to Spa Cordon Website OR make an appointment by calling 04 421 3424 – They are located Sky Gardens Building DIFC – Trust me one of my new favourite spas!

When on a Juice Detox DON’T Go Into The Grocery Store

Today I started an amazing and liberating juice detox with Detox Delight which means I get to drink 2 juices a day and then a small dinner of GIN… *More on that later when I have consumed calories as I think I am about to murder someone*

What I learnt today – Don’t go to the grocery store at 5pm when on a cleanse as you will spend 30 minutes staring blankly at each food product….


Like a stoned Gabbi and Alena (Broad City the only reason I live)


The Best Breakfast in Dubai…

When asked what will be served at my (imaginary) wedding the answer is always the same…. Breakfast food and Mexican… So when I stumbled upon my FAVOURITE Mexican place Taqado last week and realised they do a breakfast menu, I dry heaved out of excitement, composed myself and ordered what is now known as The Clare (in my head it is known as this).

Mexican Hash is the Mexican version of Eggs and Hash Browns….

Cubed fried potatoes, with churrizo, spinach, and then topped with eggs of your choice. I then add – Guacolme, salsa and lettuce on the top…. This bad boy sits with me at my desk ALL day while I eat it…. AED 36 for an all day meal *due to the add on’s of course*

Best Breakfast Dubai Taqado

Yes I am a slow eater but it fills me up and puts me in a good mood all day – People annoy me on a daily basis so to have me placated is a good thing…

More info on the food from the goods – Visit Taqado Facebook page




When Posing Sexy… Don’t Do This…

In an effort to ignore the looming deadline of fashion related edits and new shoe launches that are on my desk… I decided to “throw” on the new fur Mr. & Mrs. Italy military jacket that is in our sample wardrobe (for editors and shoots only i’m afraid) and give my best sultry face…

What happened instead, I couldn’t of even dreamt that simple girl like me could pull off… It was like the angels started singing, when I realised I looked like my favourite has-been-used-to-be-A-list-now-F-list-thanks-to-Oprah red head… Lindsay Lohan… For your viewing pleasure… Excuse My Beauty…

Excuse My Beauty

My Kind Of Art…. The Art Of Judging…

If you ever see me at a gallery opening or an art show… It is safe to presume I am there for the free sparkling wine and little else, culture to me is the stuff found in yogurt not in art. So my uncultured black heart lit up when I came across this photo exhibition.

Photographer Dougie Wallace, created Harrodsburg 

About the exhibition Harrodsburg is an up-close wealth safari exploring the wildlife that inhabits the super-rich residential and retail district of Knightsbridge and Chelsea. The project is a powerful, timely and stark exposé of the emergence of an ultra-affluent elite who have turned London into a global reserve currency, telling the story of glut, greed and the widening wealth gap playing out on the streets of a city that is going through a period of unprecedented social change.”

David has a way of capturing the absurd and un-posed moment’s which makes this exhibition honest and slightly risqué.

Here are just a handful of the pictures – For the entire collection head to http://www.harrodsburg.co.uk you can also purchase limited edition prints. If in the UK the exhibition will take place in October – Head to website for more details.

I Can’t Even Deal…

File this under fucking ugly trends that are coming back, which should be sent to hell. The same place the Kardashians souls happen to be… Ladies and Gents… I’m talking about the 90’s throwback that is *insert drum roll for effect* The Goth-y, Alternative, Tattoo – Like Chocker… Or as I like to call it… “Get that fucking thing of your neck you troll”

I can't 1
necklace2 nrm_1410549037-90s-4
I mean come on! If you are bringing anything back from the 90’s it has to be every hipsters wet dream, Blossom’s hat collection! Which girl in the 90’s didn’t have this eye sore of a fake flower on their tres cool hat.
Side note: time was not kind to the whole cast of Blossom (I’m looking at you Joey Lawrence) they all look like 3 day old ham left in the sun….

The New Must Do Pose On Instagram and Tumblr

The selfie is sooo yesterday, the beflie can only be done if you are part of the Kardashian Klan. The newest pose that will give you instant gratification from complete strangers, as they hit the like button over and over again is…. The “Behindfie” yes the title is a work in progress, but it is one pose that will garner you the right kind off attention.

Behindfie tumblr_n1l4rs3nFz1rxtgbvo1_500 tumblr_n4h4zo1TfA1rxtgbvo1_500




If you’re feeling risqué take your shirt of… Just don’t free the nipple as that was so last month…



*Images from my tumbler obsession http://finderskeepersthelabel.tumblr.com