Photoshop In Real Life

Laird+Partners; Shoot Dates: 5/24/12 & 5/30/12

If you are like me, you read glossy fashion magazines and see those skinny, perfect bitches models who are photoshopped within an inch of their life and think “Why Can’t I look half as good as that?” Well until someone invents real time photoshop (until then we will have to make do with Instagram filters) my one go to product which I use when filming or on shoots is… Sally Hansen Air Brush Legs…

It’s like magical foundation for your legs, it covers every unsightly scars, pasty legs, freckles and makes them look almost perfect! It comes in an aerosol can, and you will need your girlfriends help to spray the back of your legs (don’t be that girl that forgets about the back of her legs). Once you spray it on slightly blend with your hands and you are good to go! Now available at Wojooh AED 62 (one can’t put a price on perfection).

*Secret Tip – To stop it from running down your legs due to heat, seal your legs in hair spray before heading out – It’s an old 1950’s Hollywood trick, it locks the product in*

Bloggers Do It Better

You don’t need to spend $1,000 to make a statement thanks to high street stores like H&M and Springfield! I’m loving the rad statement jumpers – Which you can add your boyfriends business shirt underneath so you are never seen in public wearing the same thing as another person (the perils of high street cheap jumpers)

streetcon clare-51 streetcon clare-36 streetcon clare-46


Hat / Jumper/ shorts – H&M

Shoes – West LA

Men’s Shirt – of my bf

Bag / sunglasses – Matalan

Location – Al Ghurair


It’s Getting Hot In Here…

When I was 14 I used to tell all the cute skater boys I could skateboard… It was utter rubbish and once or twice I had to feign a headache to get out of showing my “sick skills” As a mature 20 something adult I now just pose in front of the skate park! As it edges on to summer I am taking advantage of it still being “pants weather” and my trench (note to self go to Satwa and get copies made). The kick ass venue you ask… Al Ghurair Centre during the Street Con… Which meant more instagram opportunities then you could poke a stick at!!

Clare Geeves Clare Geeves clare geeves  clare geeves


Pants & Shirt – H&M

Jacket & Shoes – Splash

Sunglasses, Rings and Bag – I Am


I Hate Myself… But I Still Would

Here is Jared Leto hanging out looking like a middle age manic panic, punk wannabe PeePaw, who is currently in remission and waiting for his eye browns to grow back… The sad part…. I totally still would do him…

Jared Leto

Let’s be honest I still would… Even when he looks like Kunty Karl!



The Hell Was I Thinking??

Do you ever look back on insta posts / facebook images from a couple of years ago and  think “The hell was I thinking wearing that.” This image pretty much sums up everything I know to be true in the world… And it has a hottie with a beard, I’m sold!

Such is life

Get The Hollywood Smile.. In Dubai… In 30 mins…

Hollywood Smile

We all look up to celebrities and models and they all have the same thing in common – The same same perfect looking teeth. Now unless you want to get your teeth capped (expensive) then the next best thing to get a Hollywood Smile is get your pearly white’s made that extra white!

After some research I found that the most effective and pain free (no drills and no needles) is a technique called “Waterlase Dentistry.” This is a new technique that uses lasers and waterspray instead of the old technique of the drill (wwww I just cringed thinking about the sound).

I decided to visit Dr. Maen Al Khateeb a very well known dentist (his instagram page will put your’s to shame @drmaenkhateeb) who works at The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital (AACSH).

Not really knowing what to expect I thought it would be a simple laser show and I would have shinny bright Hollywood smile… Well not quite…. Little did I know that I would not be able to talk for about 30 mins!!! It’s a bit uncomfortable – But beauty is pain!

Of course that doesn’t stop me from taking a selfie!!

But first let me take a selfie!

*Yes that is absolute fear you can see in my eyes*

Totally affordable – AED 1,500 for 1 session (my teeth were gleaming by the first session, but you may need a second session).

To book or find out more info call 04 423 7600 or

Now don’t be jell….

Wear Bright Colours When Hungover

Thanks to late nights in the office and deadlines I have taken to having a few glasses of wine to wind down… Last night I may of accidentally had a couple of bottles – While serenading my cats to Phil Collins.

When hung over I like to wear bright colours to distract my colleges from the fact that yes “I did just order MacDonald’s and no it’s not even 10.30 am yet”

Clare Geeves


Clare geeves

Clare Geeves


Dress from Rocks and Ice – 

Sunglasses – Splash

Bag – Aldo

Alice and Olivia New Spring 2015 Collection

Stacey Bendet’s Spring 2015 collection for alice + olivia takes its inspiration from a visit to Versailles as Bendet reimagines the eighteenth century palace to be a modern art installation where fashion becomes the object to admire. Here are my favourite looks from this collection, I’m loving the use of colours and the maxi skirt is officially on my #wishlist!