I’m Turning Japanese… I Really Think So

When it comes to high street fashion Splash is my life! Okay sure I am their tv host, and I get first dibs on items not yet out, but when the stylist hands me a two piece outfit, letting me to show off my midriff and then layers it with a knee length jacket… I die! Available mid April – Splash are launching their newest collection with massive Japanese influence… Teaming the look with slicked back new blonde hair (thanks The White Room Spa) and of course my favourite flats from Matalan (Al Ghurair Mall – My fav) My look is completed!!! IMG_7321 IMG_7323 IMG_7329

Showing a bit of flesh is never a bad thing… IMG_7332

Accessories… The most fun a girl can have with her clothes on…

Accessories can make or break any outfit, so this week I give you some of my favourite pieces from luxury to high street. As always expect some statement pieces and remember… It’s always better to be looked at than looked over!

clare photo polaroid


Look 1 – Cult Gia Hair band, can be made any way you fancy – www.theexposedhouse.com

Look 2 – Velvet Cult Hair band is luxe for any drab look www.theexposedhouse.com

Look 3 – Dope beanie (who doesn’t love a bit of DRAMA thanks to added lace) www.fashlink.com 

Look 4 – Statement “That’s So 2014″ hand bag (I have taken this to parties and people love it) Aldo (high street baby)

Look at that f*cking hipster

Todays outfit inspo is slightly masculine, hipster loser. I’m trying to get the most out of the 2 months of winter we get a year! Recently falling in love with Al Ghurair Mall I found stores Springfield and Matalan that I had never seen before. Matalan is similar to Primark and is a MUST to visit. Springfield is unisex and great for key wardrobe staples. Here I am trying to look super cool and edgy #ohlookIspottedrandomgraffiti how cool am I….







I couldn’t NOT get in the shopping trolly… Fash-UN…IMG_6146

Over sized shirt and jeans by Springfield

Brown (bargain) shoes Matalan (only 50 Dhms)

Hat Vintage from Glasgow vintage store (drunk purchase)

Necklace from Pinky Goat.com

H&M Unveils Studio SS15 Collection

Ladies, mark it in your diaries, available from March 12th world wide.

The new collection consists of, sportswear elements and clean and muscling cuts, which are both flattering to any figure and of course, masculine is an all time favourite of mine!! I have picked my 3 fav looks for the upcoming collection! Happy drooling ladies!

8424_LB_101_PR 8424_LB_109_PR 8424_LB_113_PR

50 Shades Of Grey Not Showing in The UAE… Colour me surprised


We all pretended to put on our surprised face when it was announced that “the movie of the year to take your mother to” 50 Shades Of Plain was banned in the UAE. I mean come on, they banned Sex And The City 2 (thank God, because I don’t want 50 something ladies getting it on, on the big screen). But for the first time I agree with the UAE censor ship laws because (and I am not alone here) it really is awkward to sit in a cinema and know that every other women is as turned on as you, I mean think of the dry cleaning bills for the cinema alone.

And let’s be honest this country isn’t exactly the the place you want to be caught masterbating in public… I mean kissing in public is 6 months in jail…. So if you head to the shops and see all the double A batteries have sold out, that can mean only one thing… 50 Shades of lame is out on DVD… And yes I will be one of the many women dry humping a pillow to Christian Grey and his cold but loveable way.

New Hair I Don’t Care…

After attending an event, my BGF told me that my “tired 90’s harsh 2 toned hair… was so last season.” After dying inside a little, I decided to slightly revamp my look. Keeping my fringe (this covers my slightly lined forehead) but getting rid of some of the length, and toning down the “harsh 90’s blonde” to a warmer blonde with hints of red. *I wanted to keep the blonde so I can change up my colour (thanks Manic Panic) from purple/green/pink whenever I wanted.* I went to The White Room Dubai in JLT who do the best blow drys I have ever had and the scalp massage during the wash was lush! What do you think of my SS15 hair? Less tired 90’s I hope.

Clare Geeves Hair DSC_0005 DSC_0006

Phone Cover De Jour – 100% Boys Tears… Gluten Free


10808897_613130408790830_199011451_n 10809504_799728080083563_839628548_n

If you’re looking for the coolest iPhone cover, forget about moschino iPhone covers (please girl… anyone who has visited dragon mart has one) and lay your lacquered talons into this “100% Boys Tears” 3D iPhone Case.

Available here for $38 http://valfre.com/products/boys-tears-3d-iphone-5-5s-case the cover is created by Ilse Valfré, the founder of Valfré, is a Mexican-born artist and designer.  Her quirky and insightful illustrations uniquely capture the essence of what it feels like to be a girl. Ie: Boys stink!!!!!