Gladiators Attack

What is better then finding a pair of Jeffery Campbell gold gladiators? Finding them on sale at a factory outlet for a quarter of the price. Mix the look with 5 Euro sunnies and cute striped dress from the flea markets of Milano and finish the look with a crisp white oversized waist coat from Fashlink and Voila you have a perfect street style assemble for less then 100 Euro!!!! Pictures courtesy of BF and of course Nikon!

Check out the embedded links above for the best places to pick up a Fash-UN bargain in Milano!


And In Milano We Wear Maxi Dresses

After a very pleasant plane ride (Emirates is the best hands down) I arrived in the fashion capital of Milano and my first thought….. Holy Hell is it hot!!!

The history, the culture the punks, the hipsters, the old women that are so classy, but first my friends… An outfit post!

When in doubt wear a maxi dress and causal tennis shoes (I am obsessed with Bensimon’s – Level shoes district peeps) with far too much gold ghetto jewellery and a pastel cross bag! *Info on where to buy these high street bargains below). Also I’m using a Nikon for all my pics – This camera makes anyone look good (thanks to the high def feature)!

DSC_0007 DSC_0010 DSC_0016 DSC_0020


Ghetto Gold Jewellery is from my favourite online store Fashlink – Next day delivery and cash on delivery – Shopping while working is a passion of mine!

Dress – Fashlink – No surprises there!

shoes – Bensimon I walked for 3 hours 16,000 steps and not once did I complain about my feet! Who needs heels?!

Cross shoulder bag – Dream Walk Dubai stunning leathers and the cutest shoes!!!

The New A/W15 Adidas Stella Sport Collection

Let’s be honest I don’t work out or go to the gym, my version of cardio is getting up from the couch to the fridge to see if anything new has arrived since the last 2 minutes I checked the fridge.

But the new Adidas Stella Sport collection almost (key word almost) makes me want to parade in the gym while I spend 5 minutes on the elliptical machine.

The use of fun jungle patterns, bright neons and of course the ever sexy Stella/Adidas logo (without having to actually cough out the funds needed to buy Stella) makes this collection perfect for the young and the young at heart! Who knows I might even give yoga another chance!

StellaSport_Lookbook 3 Created by MDKGraphicsEngine - Licensed to Adidas Production (6 licenses) Created by MDKGraphicsEngine - Licensed to Adidas Production (6 licenses) Created by MDKGraphicsEngine - Licensed to Adidas Production (6 licenses)


Check out the Adidas Mena Instagram for all the updates on this soon to be sold out collection!

Get Your Feet Summer Ready…

Solemate Dual Sided Foot Smoother2

I hate feet. Let me just make that statement very clear, if I could cut my feet off and walk on stumps I would. So any new thing to make my tootsies look slightly more attractive I am in there like swimwear!

Well folks I think our summer feet prayers have been answered! Introducing; Tweezerman The Soul Mates Duel Sided Foot File.

This baby features two specialised tools for expert pedicure maintenance: a professional quality, safe-to-the-touch stainless steel micro-file and an equally high quality finishing file. The stainless steel micro-file quickly, easily and very gently removes calluses and rough dead skin, while the finishing file buffs the skin to soft, touchable smoothness.

And it’s pink!!! Hello TAKE MY MONEY!!!!

The pink Sole Mates Dual Sided Foot File are available in Harvey Nichols, Bloomingdales, AREEJ, Tavola, Salam Studios, Boots Pharmacy and Zwilling J.A. Henckels Stores across the GCC for AED 115.

SALT Resort

With an illusive hashtag #findSALT I finally ate at Duabi’s worst kept secret, SALT the only place in Dubai that you can get a world class slider from 1950’s vintage food truck while enjoying Kite Beach.


SALTAs the summer draws closer and closer every minute (I still believe that during summer you can indeed cook an egg on your car hood) the creators behind SALT have created SALT Resort, think air con, Ibiza vibes, and indoor area and of course world class burgers and introducing fresh juices and TO DIE shakes and ice-cream.

Salt I'm A SALTER Fire Fries (1)

Fire Fries… You’re welcome stomach! Hook Sliders

I am ashamed to admit I had 3 of these *Forget about beach body ready*

Lotus ShakeSignature Lotus shake… Made with crumbled Lotus cookies and caramel…

This summer don’t hibernate indoors or at the mall – Head to SALT eat your body weight in burgers, fresh juices and shakes, then swim it off!!

SALT is also open until 4am during Ramadan… Early morning cravings anybody??

#findSALT on Kite Beach (next to Surf Shop) and for more info check them out HERE




Marimekko Secret Summer Dinner

I attended an intimate Scandinavia-inspired dinner hosted by the Finnish fashion brand Marimekko  in collaboration with The Mine art gallery. It was full of inspiring ladies, from hand selected designers, socialites, instagrammers, stylists… And me and my light up shoes. It was like a Pintrest board come to life, thanks to swings for seats, the iconic prints by Marimekko, the ivy and of course the hanging chandeliers.

All the food was courtesy of the newly opened Marimekko cafe located in box park. Fashion and food… What more could a person ask for?

MARIMEKKO_THEMINE_050115_MIDRES (283 of 379) MARIMEKKO_THEMINE_050115_MIDRES (286 of 379)  MARIMEKKO_THEMINE_050115_MIDRES (291 of 379) MARIMEKKO_THEMINE_050115_MIDRES (292 of 379) MARIMEKKO_THEMINE_050115_MIDRES (305 of 379) MARIMEKKO_THEMINE_050115_MIDRES (317 of 379)

Some of Dubai’s favourite fashion ladies.. And me and my light up shoes!MARIMEKKO_THEMINE_050115_MIDRES (352 of 379)  MARIMEKKO_THEMINE_050115_MIDRES (374 of 379) MARIMEKKO_THEMINE_050115_MIDRES (378 of 379) Clare Geeves

Clare Geeves 11329545_10152998492923261_1447309933_n 11354813_10152998492973261_1696601053_nLight up shoes courtesy of @plhongflores

Cape Jacket / Tee/ Rocks and Ice –

Photo Credits to the coolest girl I know @hykudesesto

Fashion Faux Pas Fun


If you don’t take risks and sometime play fashion victim then GURRRLLL you ain’t living life! Playful patterns and colours can be mixed with different elements! For this look I decided to go Sports Luxe meets 80’s high school!Clare in Marla London



_MG_8663The new Rita Ora Adidas Originals Tee (worn as a dress with bike shorts on)

Bag Marla London

Sweater  Splash (on sale for 30 Dhms yo)

Functioning Cassette Player (to give that real 80’s feel) from the coolest night around Stereo Arcade

Shot on location at Lemonade 


Where Did You Get That Bag?

When I go to events or FAS-UN shows I always get asked, “Where did you get that bag?” Or “Where did you get that hat?” Usually it is the same answer, a little high street shop called Aldo. Every month there is something new that takes my eye, where one would think it was from a more expensive shop *Cough S*uce* when in fact it cost 250 AED. Here are some of my top picks of “Must Have Bags” to instagram / make other well jell of you this summer from Aldo (and they won’t break the bank)

Aldo Guide To ParisBonjour… Even if you aren’t traveling to the city of love this summer, you can still take a little bit of Paris with you (even if it is just to Mall Of The Emirates)


Always a fan favourite and it will get people that have never met you telling you “This bag is amez!” Who wouldn’t want a soda bag?? GORRETO_55_RG80AED

Nothing cuter then a coin purse.. That is unless it is in the shape of an ice-cream with sprinkles on it!!! Perfect to take to a festival (where all you need is change and a phone)GORRETO_65_RG80AED


Mango flavour coin purse anyone?


Photoshop In Real Life

Laird+Partners; Shoot Dates: 5/24/12 & 5/30/12

If you are like me, you read glossy fashion magazines and see those skinny, perfect bitches models who are photoshopped within an inch of their life and think “Why Can’t I look half as good as that?” Well until someone invents real time photoshop (until then we will have to make do with Instagram filters) my one go to product which I use when filming or on shoots is… Sally Hansen Air Brush Legs…

It’s like magical foundation for your legs, it covers every unsightly scars, pasty legs, freckles and makes them look almost perfect! It comes in an aerosol can, and you will need your girlfriends help to spray the back of your legs (don’t be that girl that forgets about the back of her legs). Once you spray it on slightly blend with your hands and you are good to go! Now available at Wojooh AED 62 (one can’t put a price on perfection).

*Secret Tip – To stop it from running down your legs due to heat, seal your legs in hair spray before heading out – It’s an old 1950’s Hollywood trick, it locks the product in*