You Had Me At Free Burrito’s Taqado… You Had Me At Free Burritos


Burritos to me are like air and water – I as a human can not survive without these things. When I order burritos – YES I know the guac is extra and no I don’t care that I’m always late on rent due to my Burrito addiction…

So when the ONLY place in Dubai to get a DECENT burrito – Taqado announced Taqado Takeover giving away 11,000 free burritos to celebrate their 11th store opening, I prepared myself for battle….

Each Taqado outlet will gave away 1’000 free Burritos between 11am and 3pm, on a set date per outlet, starting on May 1st and concluding on May 11th.


May 1st – Taqado Mall of the Emirates

May 2nd – Taqado DIFC

May 3rd – Taqado The Galleria, Abu Dhabi

May 4th – Taqado Emaar Square

May 5th – Taqado Bay Avenue

May 6th – Taqado Kite Beach

May 7th – Taqado City Tower

May 8th – Taqado Tecom

May 9th – Taqado Dubai Mall

May 10th – Taqado Downtown Jebel Ali

May 11th – Taqado Dubai International Airport T1

For more info on the event to –

If you don’t hear from me during this time – It’s because I am in a burrito coma




Ban.dō Is Actual Life Love Potion Icover

Because I have no personality or substance I have to impress people with my quirky taste.. Case and point Not to be thaaaaaatttttd person but… I have been obsessed with this brand from the get go (that’s right I’m being that person that we hate) is now available here at next day delivery and EVERYTHING i’m obsessed with!

To keep your obsession at bay check out the dope free computer screen downloads thanks to HERE make sure to check the past desktop art work… You can thank me laterz.

Manzil Downtown Brunch…. Slicker Than Your Average

Brunches in Dubai are a thing of beauty -Thanks to our glutinous nature we can consume carbs and vodka over a 4 hour period like no one’s business! But after a while the brunches you used to love… You start to loath (yes Saffron I am talking about you – If I see one more tarted up 35 year old hobbling on sky scraper heels, or one more spotty 22 year old who is obviously in Realestate or consulting I think I’m going to puke into my vodka laced pineapple).Manzil Downtown Brunch

The Manzil Downtown Arabic Themed Levant brunch is quite a change of pace from the usual “Shots Shots Shots.” As you walk in you are hit by mesmerising Arabic music (not the tacky kind) the food is an array of Arabic infused dishes (my ultimate favourite was an Arabic sweet that resembled a round donut with popcorn on the top!)
As you walk in you are hit by mesmerising Arabic music (not the tacky kind) the food is an array of Arabic infused dishes (my ultimate favourite was an Arabic sweet that resembled a round donut with popcorn on the top!)
Manzil Downtown brunch
Manzil Downtown
While you can actually have a conversation at this brunch, while you get your hands hennaed (I regretted getting this straight away as I had a shoot the next week).
Manzil Downtown
The cocktails were my favourite with apt names such as;
Passion Boulevard
Manzil Daiquiri
The perfect brunch to take friends with kids (they have a play area – Mummy needs 2 hands to drink her daiquiri) friends visiting Dubai and especially parents. It’s like taking them on a desert safari except it DOESN’T SUCK and you get impeccable service!!
Go HERE for all the info on this fab brunch!

Just Don’t

I don’t trust super nice & positive people, I straight away think they are fake or it’s to mask how socially retarded they are.

I on the other hand, wear my weirdness / bitterness for not being more attractive or richer like a badge of honour. In conclusion…. I hate everyone… That’s why when I found this little Namshi Tee – I had to own it….Or didn’t… whatever I don’t care……

Wearing Namshi

And yes… Mum-High-Waisted-Denim skirts are coming back in… Don’t believe me? Wait for your mum to unpack hers and show off that muffin top with pride!!

Just Don’t Shirt

Mum Skirt (not the official name OBVS)

He was a skater boi…

When I was 16 I used to pretend I could skateboard to impress all the hot punky losers that hung around the skate park while they smoked their funny looking cigs – (Yes I was that naive). So I speak fluent skater brands like Globe, Vans, Etnies as you had to at least, sound legit to secure a “pash”… So imagine my 20 something-year-old surprise when I found a legit Vans hat on everyone’s favorite online store Namshi AED 125… You may even pick up your own skater boi with this baby… Or lie about it while feeling legit!!!

Clare Geeves


Wear Your Spirit Animal On Your Shirt

I am a twenty-something stuck in the body of an angsty, tween who loves Taylor Swift  just as much as she loves slogan tees.

The words Netflix Nachos & Naps has never completely summed up one’s existence as it did mine… Don’t believe me… Last night was spent licking sour cream of my pajama top while trying to find a new franchise of The Real Housewives, that I haven’t already binged watched 3 times… Update I rewatched RHONY

Netflix Nachos and Naps

If you want to wear your slob like existence heart on your sleeve this is the one for you!

Next day delivery at NAMSHI.COM

Wok(yo) & Roll…

I love finding little hole in the wall places to eat, Dubai is full on cheesy American franchises so for me a little quirk goes a long way!

Upon a very rare non-hung over day I stumbled upon the cutest Japenese place in JLT called Wokyo Noodle Bar. The concept is so easy and cute, create any noodle box with 3 easy steps – 1. Sauce 2. Noodles 3. Meat or Veggie.

Apart from it being super yummy and cheap, the place is a kawaii dream and the perfect place to chill outside and people watch in JLT.

Wokyo Noodle Bar Wokyo Noodle Bar Wokyo Noodle Bar Wokyo Noodle Bar Wokyo Noodle Bar FullSizeRender[8] FullSizeRender[10]

A Little Jacket Goes A Long Way…

Clare Geeves

Due to my love of extra guac on my king sized burrito, my love for the finer things in life such as discounted vodka and life-sized Taylor Swift cut outs my budget for fashion is usually minimal.

That’s why this winter (the 2 months we have in Dubai) my staple in the wardrobe department is a little black jacket. Though my dreams are of Chanel my budget is that of Splash. I picked up this gorge faux leather jacket for AED 50…. Excuse me while I happy dance!!!!

*Side note… No the head phones aren’t plugged in….

Zaroob… The Place To Take Killer Instagram Pictures… Oh & Eat

To any Dubai-an worth a damn, we all know that you are judged based solely on your instagram followers, thus based on your self worth.

Apart from the cat pictures and humours quotes, my instagram was lacking a certain something – something to gain me followers, that is until I went to Zaroob… It is like a serial instagrammers BFF, thanks to the kitch, original interior and of course the cheap and cheerful food….

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 6.47.08 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 6.51.15 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 6.51.33 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 6.52.58 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 6.53.31 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 6.54.09 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 7.02.04 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 7.02.20 PM

Don’t believe me… Check them out on instagram. Be waarned doing it on an empty stomach is a very very bad idea!!

Dine in and Take away available, on SZR Rd and Golden Mile.